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Welcome to Powerpuff Central. This is a wikia that is dedicated to both Craig McCracken's old 1998 Powerpuff GIrls series, alongside the introduction of old characters I created 2 years before the series began, which were set to be official characters of the series in fandom.


Old Creations & PurposeEdit

In this wikia you will get to meet my old 1996 OC's Travis Hans, Curtis Gunther, and Hunter Regions as they join the Powerpuff Girls in multiple eras of their series, you will even find transcripts on here as well which can tell the stories way better then on the pages, including the origin of these Androbotic boys who were once villains until the Powerpuff Girls were created in 1998, and were able to reform them during the events of The Powerpuff Girls movie, after Mojo Jojo had been stopped.

I do hope you will enjoy your time here, Peace out friends. :)

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